Cuno Ice Maker Water Filters

Cuno Ice Maker Water FiltersIceAssure1™, the solution for protecting ice making equipment from the harmful effects of sediment, chlorine and scale. Each IceAssure1 utilizes Cuno's proven valve-in-head design that automatically stops the water flow simply by twisting the cartridge. The IceAssure1 pressure gauge monitors pressure spikes and reminds the operator of scheduled changeouts.

All IceAssure1 systems use our proprietary SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) cartridges with scale inhibitor to reduce the effects of scale formation. In addition to scale inhibition, these cartridges utilize Cuno's special blend of high absorption carbon to maximize

At Vivian, when you order your ice maker water filter system from us, we automatically place you on our cartridge program so you can rest assured that your equipment will always perform worry-free. Our "Family Filter" program takes the reminder process off of your hands by scheduling the replacement your new ice maker water filter per the recommended use in order to keep your water tasting great.