Hamer Model 540 Ice Bagging System

High Speed, Heat Seal Automated Packaging

Hamer Model 540 Form, Fill, & Seal Bagging SystemThe model 540 combines the latest in bag sealing technology with ultimate versatility in bag sizes and bag options. Using a hot air top seal, the 540 uses 10% less film than wire tie machines and supports bag sizes from 5 lbs to 40lbs all in one convenient package. Offering speeds of 40 bags per minute the model 540 incorporates the latest in automated controls, making bag size changes fast and easy. Touch screen controls make operator training and machine operation simple. Complete with volumetric feeder for accurate ice dosing.

  • 304 stainless steel frame and product contact
  • Easy Run ™ hot air seal bag top closing reduces film use
  • 5 lb to 40 lb bags
  • 40 bags per minute
  • 15"" vertical roll holder
  • AC variable speed heat sealer and volumetric feeder
  • Options include; 35"" roll holder, speed up kit for 50 bags per minute, Hitachi ink jet printer, bag handles, bag gussets, re-closeable seal (zipper), bag top trimmer