Hoshizaki KM-901M_H50 Cuber Ice Machine

Modular Crescent Cuber

Hoshizaki KM-901M_H50 Cuber Ice MachineThe Hoshizaki line of ice cuber machines feature an exclusive stainless steel evaporator. The evaporator design freezes the purest water, resulting in crystal clear crescent cubes. With no plating to peel or flake off and no plastic to crack with our evaporator, Hoshizaki offers the simplest icemaking system in the industry which means dependability, longer machine life, and energy savings for you. All KM Cubers feature the CycleSaver® design and the EverCheck® control board.

Typical applications include restaurants, cocktail lounges, lodging, food and banquet service, guest ice, beverage service, convenience stores, fast food and salad displays. With Crescent cubes, the output has excellent displacement because of their unique shape. Better displacement produces higher profits. And the unique shape of Hoshizaki Crescent Cube ice allows liquid to flow over it more easily, whether pouring from bottles or dispensers. So there's no messy splashing and less waste.


  • Up to 402 kg of ice production per 24 hours
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Individual crescent cube
  • Protected by H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent
  • CycleSaver® Design
  • EverCheck® alert system
  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • Removable air filters (Air-cooled model only)
  • R-404A Refrigerant
Equipment Dimensions
Width Height Depth
30" 37 7/16" 27 3/8"


  • 220-240/50/1
  • 20 amp Max Fuse/HACR Breaker Size
  • 0.95cmcopper or equivalent independent potable water supply
  • 3/4" FPT independent drain connection


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Production Volumes

KM-901M_H50Air-Cooled Up to 398 lbs. of ice production per 24 hours
Water Temp °F 50° 70° 90°
Air Temp °F 70° 398 375 349
80° 381 345 322
90° 375 320** 295

KM-901M_H50Remote Air-Cooled Up to 402 lbs. of ice production per 24 hours
Water Temp °F 50° 70° 90°
Air Temp °F 70° 402 385 358
80° 389 363 334
90° 385 345** 316