Industrial Ice Packaging and Handling Equipment

Whether you demand a couple tons of ice per day or tens of thousands, Vivco Ice Machines has the equipment for you. We distribute a broad range of industrial ice makers and machines to ensure that your plant's needs are achieved. Vivco design can develop a layout that utilizes every available square foot of your facility in order to ensure your operations execute smoothly and efficiently. From conveyors to automated bagging equipment, we have it all.

 Hamer 535


Packaging machinery ranging from poly bag closers and hot air sealers to fully automated form, fill and seal systems.


 Vivco Ice Packaging Equipment

Vivco Design

Equipment Proudly Manufactured by Matthiesen Equipment
Dispensing bins, storage bins, screw conveyors and shakers. Our complete line of ice plant processing equipment.


Hytrol Belt Conveyor

Hytrol Belt Conveyor

A very versatile conveyor, the Model TA can be used in many types of handling situations such as assembly line operations, sorting, packing, & inspection.