Ice-O-Matic CD40022/40522 Hotel Ice Dispenser

Hotel Cube Ice Dispenser

CD40022/40522 has storage capacity for 120 lbs. of ice

These reliable, practical hotel ice machines are designed for carefree operation even in rugged, high-usage environments. Our hotel ice dispensers have fingerprint-proof dispensing areas and oversized sinks to accommodate almost any size ice bucket. In addition, they dispense ¼ lb. of cube ice per second, allow access for easy cleaning and provide maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space. Ice-O-Matic CD40022/40522 Hotel Ice Dispenser

Product Features

Power Clean

Quick access to bin without having to move the ice machine. Exterior is fingerprint resistant. Front access panel easily removes, and the interlock safety switches off machine agitation.

Turbo Dispense

Dispenses up to ¼ lb. of ice per second.

Corrosion Protection

Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic.