Ice-O-Matic EF250 Flake Ice Machine

Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine

  • EF250 Modular Ice Maker produces up to 400 lbs. of ice per day
  • Your choice of 32" or 38" wide cabinets provides built-in storage for 143 or 213 lbs. of iceIce-O-Matic EF250 Flake Ice Machine

Reliable and Effortless Performance

Ice-O-Matic Self-Contained Flake Ice Makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for carefree operation. Each machine offers a built-in insulated storage bin for maximum ice preservation. Constructed for tight space restrictions and low height requirements, Ice-O-Matic Flake Ice Makers produce slow-melting quality ice, perfect for medical, restaurant, ball field and supermarket applications.

Product Features

Integrated Storage
Ice making and storage in one small ice machine that fits under most counters.

Superior Construction
Rugged stainless steel transport system is enclosed in polyethelyne insulation.

Harvest Assist
Consistent ice production 24/7 by pushing the ice into the bin rather than waiting for gravity to overpower the scale.

Filter-Free Air
No air filter to clean or change.

Extrusion Process
Removes excess water, creating superior-quality flake ice.

Ice-O-Matic flake ice cube


Flake Ice

Slow melting quality ice, ideal for presentation and preservation of seafood, produce and perishable food items.