Ice-O-Matic Ice Storage Bins

Our convenient design includes an extra-large door opening and a built-in scoop holder so you never have to search for the scoop again. One-piece, polyethylene bin liners and industrial foam insulation prevent ice from melting, so your customers get crystal-clear ice every time.

Every Ice-O-Matic bin features height-adjustable legs and is constructed with practicality in mind for years of carefree operation.

Ice O Matic B25 Ice Bin

B25 Ice Bin

Ice-O-Matic B40 ice storage bin

B40 Ice Bin

Ice-O-Matic B42 ice storage bin

B42 Ice Bin


Ice-O-Matic B55 ice storage bin

B55 Ice Bin

Ice-O-Matic B100 Ice Bin

B100 Ice Bin

Ice O Matic B70 Ice Bin

B70 Ice Bin


B90 Ice Bin Ice-O-Matic

B90 Ice Bin

Ice-O-Matic B120 Ice Bin

B120 Ice Bin

Ice O Matic B130 Ice Bin

B130 Ice Bin


Ice-O-Matic B150 Ice Bin

B150 Ice Bin

Ice O Matic B170 Ice Bin

B170 Ice Bin