Manitowoc Flake Ice Machines

Manitowoc Flake IceWhen it comes to food preservation not only does your product need to look good and stay fresh, the ice needs to look good too.

Manitowoc flake ice machines offer small, soft pieces of quick cooling moldable flakes, all day, every day. These flakes form around objects without bruising and holds in place without tipping/spilling.

Manitowoc Modular Flake Ice Machines

Modular Flake Ice Machines

Modular ice machines offer the ultimate flexibility. By selecting the bin and head unit separately, the customer can build their own custom unit.


RF-0244 under counter flake ice machine


Under Counter Flake Ice Machines

Undercounter ice machines are compact and ideal for small-volume ice production, for limited-use needs, or as back-ups for larger machines. Specifically designed to fit beneath counters or in areas where floor space or height restrictions prohibit use of larger equipment.