Manitowoc RF-2379R Flake Ice Machine

Low-Side / Rack Flake Ice Machine

Manitowoc RF-2379R Flaker Ice MakerThe rack system is shared by a variety of low side refrigeration equipment within the store such as refrigerated food and beverage display cases and glass door freezer displays.

A Low-side/Rack Flake Ice Machine System consists of ice machine head section, ice storage unit, and interconnecting refrigerant liens, all ordered separately, which connect into the store supplied centralized condensing system.

When it comes to food preservation not only does your product need to look good and stay fresh, the ice needs to look good too. Manitowoc flake ice machines offer quick cooling moldable flakes, all day, every day. Flake Ice is perfect for food display, salad bars and cold therapy/healthcare. Ice forms around objects without bruising and holds objects in place without tipping or spilling.

Product Features

Ice Production
Up to 2063 lbs. (936 kgs) daily ice production and only 26.9" (68.4 cm) wide.

Machine Design
Manitowoc Flake IceNoice is removed from the ice making area promoting a relaxing atmosphere.
Ice machine is lighter in weight to simply installation.
Stainless steel exterior has a clean and modern look to enhance the display in any self-serve environment.

Flake Ice
Small, soft pieces of ice form around object without bruising and holds in place without tipping/spilling. Perfect for food and beverage presentations.


3-year parts
2-year labor
Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 2 years
Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 2 years