Manitowoc S-3070C QuietQube Cube Ice Machine

QuietQube Remote Ice Machine

Quadzilla Evaporator System with four high-output individual evaporatorsManitowoc S-3070C QuietQube Cube Ice Maker

QuietQube® Series Remote System consists of a remote condensing unit, interconnecting refrigerant lines, ice machine head section, ice deflector, and ice storage unit - whether storage bin, countertop or floor-standing dispenser. QuietQube ice machine with CVD condensing unit is designed as a Manitowoc system and not for use with any other ice machine or remote condenser brand.

Product Features

  • Up to 2,910 lbs. daily ice production
  • Up to CEE Tier 3 energy and water efficiency rating
  • Quadzilla Evaporator System - places four high-output individual evaporators in a compact 48" wide ice maker.
  • Patented CVD technology improves reliability and extends life of the compressor
  • Utility connections out the back or top of the unit maximize floor space and provide additional installation options
  • Standard installation criteria facilitates easy replacement of existing remote condenser unit

Manitowoc Dice Cube Ice

Dice Cube

 Manitowoc Half Dice Cube

Half Dice Cube

Hard, clear ice cube with unique "rhomboid" shape. Provides maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.


5-year parts and 5-year labor coverage on ice machine evaporator
5-year parts and 3-year labor coverage on ice machine compressor
3-year parts-and-labor coverage on all other ice machine, dispenser, and storage bin components