NEO Cube Ice Machines

Vivian Ice Company is excited to be one of the first to announce and offer NEO™ undercounter ice machines from Manitowoc. "The everywhere you need ice machine" sets a new standard, a new class, a new approach, and a new way to think about your ice making needs accompanied with the same Vivco service, warranty, parts and knowledge you have depended on since 1923.

Vivco Ice is proud to bring you NEO™ from Manitowoc, which has been properly labeled as "The everywhere you need ice machine"!  With the NEO™, you will receive new standards in ice making, as well as a new class and approach and way of thinking about ice.  In addition to new performance levels offered by NEO™, our customers will experience an all-in-one solution for your ice needs from an undercounter ice machine.  Whether you need ice for a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, stadium boxes, corporate offices, healthcare or simply anywhere, NEO™ can fulfill your ice making needs whenever and wherever you need it.

NEO™ offers its users:

  • Performance - including enhanced production capabilities that makes it the new standard in undercounter ice machines.  NEO™ offers increased capacity, significant energy savings, lower water consumption, and reliability.
  • Intelligence - offering universally recognized display icons no matter what language is your native speak.  NEO™ intelligence means newer, universal display icons, easy to read touch pad, full bin indicator, and service needed indicator.
  • Convenience - fitting anywhere you need ice to be produced making it "the everywhere you need ice machine".  NEO™ provides a removable ice bin, simplified food-zone, enhanced cleanability, and an ergonomic design.

Learn more about the new NEO™ cube ice machine models:

NEO™ U-140 Cube Ice Maker

NEO™ U-140

Manitowoc NEO™ U-190 Cube Ice Machine

NEO™ U-190

Manitowoc NEO™ U-240 Undercounter Ice Machine

NEO™ U-240