True Manufacturing Restaurant & Bar Equipment

Everything you need to run an efficient restaurant or bar is available through Vivco's line of restaurant and bar equipment from True Manufacturing. If large storage capacity, durability, environmentally-friendly refrigeration, and simple installation are a must for your business, we invite you to browse our selection below.

True Kegerator Direct Draw Beer Dispenser



True's direct draw beer dispensers are designed with enduring quality and value. A Vivco Kegerator is a staple item for any restaurant, bar, or nightclub, as well as for those who are serious about their home entertaining


 True Back Bar Coolers

Back Bar Coolers

Heavy-duty with quick pull down of hot temperatures, Back Bar Coolers from True Manufacturing are top-of-the-line in the industry.


 True Horizontal Bottle Coolers


Horizontal Bottle Coolers

These coolers offer a huge capacity and require a minimum of floor space.


 True Glass and Plate Chillers


Glass and Plate Chillers

These units offer the largest storage capacity in the industry, allowing your restaurant or bar to meet supply and demand requirements during peak hours.