Scotsman 30" Hotel Ice Dispenser Machine

30 inch Wide Hotel / Motel Ice Cube Dispenser and Cuber

Stores up to 180 lbs. of cube ice. Scotsman 30 in Hotel Ice Dispenser

Compatible with Prodigy C0330, C0530, C0630 and C0830 ice machines

Push Chute
New simple push chute for easy ice dispensing.

Modern, stylish design in a stainless steel cabinet.

Easy Cleaning
Removeable top panel allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without having to remove the ice cube machine.

Deep sink to accommodate almost every size hotel ice bucket.

Power Cord
Equipped with 11 ft. power cord.

Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispenser Push Chute

Easy push chute for ice dispensing

scotsman coin option

Coin Option

scotsman water filler option

Water Filler Option