Scotsman ICS-1, ICS-2, ICS-3

  • ICS-1 - Holds up to 500 lbs. of ice
  • ICS-2 - Holds up to 1200 lbs. of iceScotsman ICS1, ICS2, ICS3 Ice Storage Bins
  • ICS-3 - Holds up to 1700 lbs. of ice

Product Features

Stainless Steel
All models available with stainless steel construction and polyethylene ice carts.

Large Quantities
Moves large quantities of ice safely and quickly to where it's needed.

Eliminates Carrying
Eliminates carrying of ice buckets or scooping ice into carts.

No Stale Ice
Ice flow from bottom of bin means first ice in, first ice out for fresher, cleaner delivered ice. Continuous ice turn over eliminates stale ice

NSF approved construction

Fully Insulated Cabinet

Foam insulation is forced between the wall and liner under heat and pressure to form a perfect wall to wall bond thus preserving ice supply for long periods.