Scotsman EH222 Prodigy Eclipse 800

800 lb Prodigy Eclipse Remote Cooled Modular Cube Ice Maker

Eclipse Technology, creating smaller, quieter, more reliable ice machines that Eclipse all others on the market today. And because it's the most energy efficient, there's no smarter choice in ice.

Product FeaturesScotsman EH222 Prodigy Eclipse 800 Ice Machine

AutoAlert indicator lights
Constantly communicate about operating status and actually signal your staff when it is time to descale, sanitize, and more - making upkeep practically foolproof.

Eclipse Technology
Moves the compressor and condenser on to the roof. By taking these large components out of the ice machine, you have a quiet, easy to service, narrow profile unit that allows easy cleaning access to the beverage dispenser or storage bin.

Flexible Design
Designed with flexibility in mind, Eclipse ice machines can be paired with any dispenser or storage bin to supply ice to any area of your operation.

Quick and flexible installation
Eclipse offers quick and flexible installation because it can be connected to either its own, dual or properly sized universal rack or multi-pass condenser system.Scotsman small cube ice


Small Cube Ice

Common ice form, ideal for mixed drinks.


Energy Efficiency Rating

  • Energy Use : 5.3 KWh/100 lb ice