Scotsman Flake Ice Machines

Preventative maintenance and servicing for Scotsman Flake Ice Machines is now easy and foolproof due to Prodigy's SmartBoardT advanced features and diagnostic code display. Flake IceTechnicians can determine any operating issue quickly, ensuring equipment is fixed right the first time, saving customers time and money. In addition to its self-monitoring, money-saving and energy-efficient qualities, the Prodigy Cuber also features the patented WaterSenseT adaptive purge control. This feature automatically adapts to varying water conditions by constantly measuring the water quality and automatically adjusts the purge water amount to minimize scale buildup in every type of water. The result is a longer time between cleanings and fresher tasting ice.

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - AFE424


Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - FO522 Prodigy

F0522 Prodigy

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - FO822 Prodigy

F0822 Prodigy

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - F1222 Prodigy

F1222 Prodigy

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - F1522 Prodigy

F1522 Prodigy

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - FME2404


Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - MAR1400, MAR2000

MAR1400, MAR2000

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - Prodigy Remote Low Side

Prodigy Remote Low Side

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - RL Series

RL Series

Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - MDT3F12


Scotsman Flake Ice Machines - MDT4F12



Cost-Saving Efficiency

Because of Scotsman's unique accelerated harvest assist feature that pushes ice off the evaporator plate, this next-generation cuber uses significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines, making it among the first cubers to exceed both the 2008 California Energy Commission and 2010 Federal energy efficiency regulations by up to 22%*. That's up to 28% more than our nearest competitor.

Self-Monitoring Technology

Prodigy's AutoAlert™external indicator lights continually communicate the machine's current status for complete confidence in its ice making capability. The ability to immediately alert staff of key operational issues is a valuable tool to maintaining high levels of ice production and minimizing performance interruptions.

Extended Clean Time

The patented WaterSense adaptive purge control reduces scale buildup by detecting and purging particulate-laden water with every freeze cycle for a longer time between cleanings and maximum reliability. It constantly measures the minerals in the water and automatically adjusts the purge water amount to minimize scale buildup in every type of water.

Quiet and Aesthetic

With a unique fan blade design, quieter compressors, and a special sound shield, Prodigy™ Cubers reduce the noise of ice making versus competing models. All external panel components are crafted for superior fit and finish and aesthetic appeal.

Easy-Access Servicing

Preventative maintenance, including descaling, is now simple. The Prodigy™ unit's front and side panels can be easily removed allowing clear access to internal components without the need to remove any parts or move the machine. Inside, a diagnostic code display helps technicians determine any operating issues quickly, ensuring equipment is fixed right the first time.

Built-in Antimicrobial Protection

All Prodigy™ Cubers are protected with Scotsman AquaArmor™ which utilizes AgION®, a silver-based antimicrobial compound molded directly into key ice machine components. This built-in compound reduces the growth of bacteria, micro-organisms, algae, mold, and slime on ice machine surfaces. Match this with Scotsman's other sanitation products to further defend your ice machine against undesirable microbes, bacteria, mold, and algae. Refer to this chart to match the right cleaning product to your water conditions.

Smart Options

Prodigy Smart-Board™ Advance Feature Board
This optional advanced feature board provides you with operational data that can be displayed onscreen or transmitted remotely for early alert and fast diagnosis of operational issues. With this optional feature, Prodigy™ Cubers meet NAFEM data protocol capabilities for smart kitchen applications.

Vari-Smart™ Ice Level Control
Using field-proven ultrasonic technology, the Vari-Smart ice level control maintains the ice level you set to keep just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin. This feature allows you the flexibility to program your ice level for up to 7 days. That means customers get fresh ice, while you save water and electricity.

Product Specifications

The Scotsman Prodigy™ Cuber is available in a range of sizes to suit your operation's specific level of ice production and makes either Medium-diced or Small-diced cube shapes.