Scotsman Ice Dispenser MDT2C12

You'll value the improved Touchfree® Ice Maker/ Water Dispensers

Sleek, high-tech styled design with durable plastic front and top panels. Up to 198 lbs of ice production in 24 hours Bin storage capacity of 12 lbs. of ice.

QuietScotsman Dispenser MDT2C12 Ice Machine
Extremely quiet operation, ideal for hospital floors, cafeterias and offices.

Plastic chute easily removed for sterilization

TouchFree actuation provides convenient one-hand operations and eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

Flexible utility location.

Cubelet Ice
Makes & dispenses cubelet ice, which is a harder, slow-melting ice form that allows for more reliable and easier dispensing.

Bigger sink allowing more clearance for larger containers.

 Scotsman key-pad display    Scotsman Cubelet Ice

Lighted Key-Pad for Dispensing Selection

Select either ice-only, ice and water, water only, or dispensing for pitchers with simple touch of a button.


Cubelet Ice

Hard, slow-melting ice that allows for more reliable dispensing.