Scotsman Ice Dispenser MDT6N90

You'll value the improved Touchfree® Ice Maker/ Water Dispensers

Sleek, European design with attractive rounded corners and informative instruction labels. Up to 720 lbs of ice production in 24 hours Bin storage capacity of 90 lbs. of ice.

Product FeaturesScotsman DispenserMDT6N90 Ice Machine

  • Up to 25% less fan noise allows installation of the unit in the quietest hallways
  • Improved dispensing with easier access and room for most containers
  • TouchFree actuation provides convenient one-hand operations and eliminates the risk of cross contamination
  • Flexible utility location
  • Makes and dispenses soft chewable Nugget ice
 One Hand Operation    Scotsman Nugget Ice    Scotsman DMS21 Stand

Sanitary, One Hand Operation

Easily fills carious sizes and types of containers.


Nugget Ice

A consumer preference, soft, chewable nugget ice is versatile, and slow-melting. Nugget ice helps to cool drinks rapidly and stay cool longer.


DMS21 Stand

26" x 21" x 36"
Stainless Steel Finish