Scotsman Prodigy Remote Low Side Flake & Nugget Ice Machines

600-1500 lb. Prodigy Flake and Nugget Ice Machines

Now available with the advanced self-diagnostic Prodigy technology, you can create superior flake ice with more efficiency and reliability than ever.

The Prodigy Flaker and Nugget Remote Low Side units are ideal for customers with central refrigeration systems. The small footprint saves space while providing maximum ice output.

Scotsman Flake ice is ideal for keeping salad bar fruits and veggies crisp and appealing and soft drink displays icy cold. Scotsman Nugget ice is a customer favorite for beverages because of its soft chewable texture.

Product Features

AutoAlert indicator lightsScotsman Prodigy Remote Low Side Flake & Nugget Ice Machine

Constantly communicate about operating status and actually signal your staff when it is time to descale, sanitize, and more - making upkeep practically foolproof.

Easy Preventative Maintenance

Simpler than ever with easily-removed panels allowing clear access to internal components and a diagnostic code display insuring the right fix the first time. Reusable air filter is easily removable from the outside.


An optional advanced feature Smart-Board provides NAFEM data protocol and additional operational data that can be displayed on-screen or transmitted remotely, resulting in early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues.


An optional Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control sensor allows you flexibility to program ice levels, for up to 7 days, keeping just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin.

 Scotsman Flake Ice   Scotsman Nugget Ice

Flake Ice

Cools more quickly than other ice forms. Used in produce and fish displays.


Nugget Ice

The Original Chewable Ice! Soft ice ideal for fountain drink beverages and blended drinks.