Scotsman Industrial Flake RL Series Ice Machine

Modular Remote Low Side Flake and Nugget Ice

Ideal for customers with central refrigeration system. Available in 21" and 42" with ice production ranges of 915 to 3000 lbs. Equipped with AutoSentry™ Monitoring System.

Water Sensors Scotsman RL Series Industrial Flake Ice Machine
Electrical conductivity water sensor eliminates low or no water failures and cannot be affected by adverse water conditions.

Drain Pan
Plastic drain pan with larger outlet provides greater ability to quickly channel water away preventing particulate build-up and rust.

Drain System
Rust and restriction free drain system features one-piece plastic drain tubes with larger ID for obstruction-free water flow.

Durable, high grade stainless steel construction with massive, self aligning spherical roller bearings; patented double-flight auger that evenly distributes the load; and heavy duty direct drive gearbox for high reliability and long life.

 Scotsman Flake Ice    Scotsman Nugget Ice

Flake Ice

Cools more quickly than other ice forms. Used in produce and fish displays.


Nugget Ice

The Original Chewable Ice! Soft ice ideal for fountain drink beverages and blended drinks.