Vivian International Updates Six Flags' Ice Machine Operations

St. Louis, MO, December 02, 2009 -- Hot summer days were a bit chillier this season at Six Flags St. Louis due to the new ice machine system designed by Vivian International of High Ridge, Missouri. With 132 acres, more than 25 restaurants and numerous refreshment stands, Six Flags goes through up to 30 tons of ice every single day during the peak season. Vivian updated the system that they originally installed in 1975 in order to improve the efficiency and output of Six Flags ice.

"My father, Jack Minor, originally designed the system for Six Flags St. Louis and Jackson, NJ to distribute ice throughout the amusement park when the parks first opened," said Mike Minor, President at Vivian International. "We were able to develop a new ice design that also integrated with our original fabrication from 1975. Not only did we update the ice storage and bagging scheme, but we also increased the speed in which we can package the ice so that park personnel never have to worry about an ice shortage. Now that the season is over, we can see that the new system was a success as the entire park was properly stocked with ice all summer long."

In addition to commercial ice machines present in the individual restaurants, Six Flags has to supply ice to every refreshment stand within the park, including stands that are in ride lines and in the Hurricane Harbor water park. Vivian provides the ice making capacity from 500 lbs. to 30 tons per 24 hours and the Vivco ice bags are one of the most recognizable and useful ice bags in the industry. Because of the extremely large demand for ice at the park, Six Flags mostly uses 50lb bags to transport ice to subsidiary refreshment stands. With the ability to transport ice in large quantities, not only does it keep the ice securely packaged as it is moved, but it means that food service employees can deliver ice on a less frequent basis, improving the efficiency of the food service department.

One of the core visitor experiences at an amusement park is the refreshments. With ice cream cones, snow cones, frozen lemonades and giant sodas, no trip to the concession stand is complete without a cool drink or treat. Vivian International was able to design an ice system that ensures that Six Flags St. Louis guests never go without ice cold refreshments even in the hot St. Louis summers.

"I think the best part about redesigning Six Flags ice system was that I got to take what my father did over 30 years ago and improve upon it using new technology of today. We were doing innovative work in the ice industry back then and we continue to implement the very best products and practices today. From our ice machines to our rip resistant poly ice bags, Vivian International is thrilled to have the opportunity to develope ice solutions to large scale operations like Six Flags St. Louis," said Mike Minor.

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