Industrial Ice Plant Layout and Design

Vivco has designed and installed many of the world's largest Ice Plants.

Ice Plant Layout and Design by Vivian IceTake advantage of Vivco Ice Machines industrial plant layout and design services. Whether you are opening a new ice plant, redesigning your existing facility, or opening a theme park, Vivco has all of your design needs.

Vivco takes exceptional pride in its layout and design of ice systems. The intention is to put high quality packaged ice in the market place, using a minimum amount of equipment. From our many years of experience, we have determined that the fewer the screw conveyors in your operations minimize the amount of damage to your end product. In addition, drying your ice is not necessary because it will not affect the end results to your consumers.

No one has designed more ice systems than Vivco as we have been creating facilities since 1923. We can complete the installation or we can furnish drawings for self-installation. From planning to completion, we will fulfill your ice making needs.

Vivco Ice Plant Design offers:

  • Customized machine configurations to meet exact users' needs
  • Design/engineering simplicity, high durability and minimum maintenance
  • Outstanding support before, during and after intallation
  • Affordable pricing